Over two decades, PT. ALPHA CIKUPA MAKMUR has been a professional extruded plastic manufacturer in Indonesia, which focuses its specializations on three primary divisions such as hose or tube, pipe and profile. Since the company’s establishment in 1989, PT. ALPHA CIKUPA MAKMUR has always been dedicated to providing our customers not only with high quality plastic products but also with credible commitment and excellent customer service.

To strive for continuous upgrades and innovations, PT ALPHA CIKUPA MAKMUR expanded its business to another plastic sector and established a sister company called PT. ALPHA GEMILANG MAKMUR in 2012. Under the brand name ALVAboard, the company is committed to providing innovative corrugated plastic sheet with the highest quality standards to follow the rapid changes of people’s lifestyle.

With the help of quality management systemguaranteed experience, as well as advanced technical support, PT ALPHA GEMILANG MAKMUR is ultimately prepared to fulfill all of customer’s specific needs of corrugated plastic sheet. By maximizing the practice of eco-friendly technology, PT. ALPHA GEMILANG MAKMUR also takes a part in challenging environmental issue to foster a sustainable future that benefits our community socially and economically.


Being one of the largest and committed  plastic producers in South East Asia that contributes to the growth of the nation while continually challenging the issue of global warming.


  • Maintaining the finest quality and high-level efficiency of production by continuously improving the system of management and quality control
  • Fostering innovation and creativity by utilizing know how and expertise to accommodate all varying needs
  • Improving the quality of Human Resources to develop comprehensive customer service so as to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Maintaining the production of recyclable plastic products that benefits our community socially and economically

ALVAboard is a high-quality corrugated sheet made from premium-quality polypropylene that is very versatile and suitable for various applications both indoor and outdoor. With numerous distinctive characteristics such as light, durable, printable as well as high-impact, water and chemical resistant, ALVAboard becomes an ultimate alternative of traditional corrugated cardboard and plywood.

By further understanding the limitations and inconveniences of conventional cardboards and other boxes, PT. ALPHA GEMILANG MAKMUR provides revolutionary corrugated plastic boxes, named ALVAbox. ALVAbox is a custom-made corrugated box that is available in various colors, sizes and features where all the strong points of ALVAbox characteristics has ultimately made ALVAbox to become an attractive yet cost effective solution to transportation and storage concern in industrial field.


Sheet Size*
Width x Length (mm)
2.0 1250 x Customized
3.0 2500 x Customized
4.0 2500 x Customized
5.0 2500 x Customized
*Standard size = 1250 x 1500 mm
2500 x 3000 mm


Product Comparison

Cardboard VS ALVAboard

The cost of each ALVAboard corrugated plastic is relatively higher than corrugated cardboard up to 6 times, yet, the discrepancy of the life-time is extremely far where the ALVAboard corrugated plastic can be reused up to 100 times compared to 2.5 times for corrugated cardboard which eventually will benefit users from incurring hidden cost for long-term usage.

  • -

    “Bring Your Idea To Life | 生活にあなたのアイデアを持参”
  • Henri Matisse

    “Creativity takes courage | 創造性は勇気がいる(アンリ·マティス)”
  • -

    “Imagine the Unimaginable | 想像を絶するを想像してみて”
  • Maya Angelou

    “You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have
  • -

    “Be Creative With Us | 会社で創造的です”
  • Albert Einstein

    “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination


Signage & POP Display

ALVAboard is the finest medium for displaying information and your corporate brand for the purpose of marketing or advocacy.


The excellent and smooth surface quality as well as its competitive price make ALVAboard Layerpad the perfect choice among all other advertising materials in the visual graphic art industry due to its compatibility with all popular printing methods such as screen printing, digital printing, inkjet, and flexo




ALVAboard Layerpad is made from high-quality Polypropylene sheet with all sides and radius corners perfectly sealed which make ALVABOARD Layer Pad the perfect solution for any pallitization purposes in beverage industry as a hygienic divider sheet between cans, glass and PET bottles.


ALVAboard Layerpad is also eminent as a cost effective solution. Due to its durability, chemical and tear resistances, it can be reused for up to 50 cycles and can significantly reduce damage-rate of products during transit. It also has printable surfaces which makes it an ideal choice for promoting your corporate brand image.



ALVAboard is the finest one-stop solution for all plywood users in the industry in which their properties outweighed all plywood's conventional properties. ALVAboard properties, such as water-resistant, bugs-and-fungi free, unbreakable and unwarpable, offer an extra added value as well as higher customer satisfaction. The economical price and the cut-to-size advantage of ALVAboard will ultimately increase production efficiency as well.



Property Plywood ALVAboard
Bugs & fungi free


Available Sizes ( mm )


Width Length
900 2000
1000 2000
1000 1600
1000 1800
1200 2000
1220 2440

  • A-Type
  • B-Type
  • C-Type
  • D-Type


The ALVAbox A-Type is supported by plastic frames and corners, preventing them from falling over when stacked on top of each other. The design of the box itself will assist users to handle and carry heavyweight objects, making it the most favourite type among the majority of users

Advantages :

  • Best for carrying heavy-weight objects
  • Stackable and equipped with plastic handles and corners.
  • Light and high impact-resistance.

Available color :

Available Options :

  • Thickness ( 4 mm, 5 mm )
  • Handle
  • Custom print
  • Custom requests


This unique ALVAbox B-Type design is based on the “Japanese Lunch box “design which comes with removable lid. The design will help to keep the products inside the box clean as well as hygienic and prevent them from getting dusty.

Advantages :

  • Best for storing dust-free products.
  • Non-stackable and equipped with plastic handles
  • Light and high impact-resistance.

Available color :

Available Options :

  • Thickness ( 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm )
  • Handle
  • Custom print
  • Custom requests


ALVAbox C-Type design is similar to ALVAbox A-Type, yet , what makes it special is the foldable characteristic in which it enables the users to collapse it whenever they lack of rooms to store the containers just by simply pressing the bottom in a single touch

Advantages :

  • Best for users that have trouble with space to store light-weight objects.
  • Stackable and equipped with plastic handles and four foldable corners.
  • Foldable.

Available color :

Available Options :

  • Thickness ( 4 mm, 5 mm )
  • Handle
  • Custom print
  • Custom requests


ALVAbox D-Type type is the most similar to the original corrugated cardboard boxes which they not only can be broken down and folded for storage but also they are much more cost-effective due to the high durability and reusable features of the corrugated plastic box.

Advantages :

  • Best use as alternative to corrugated cardboard box for long-term usage.
  • Tape-less
  • Durable and high impact-resistance.

Available color :

Available Options :

  • Thickness ( 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm )
  • Handle
  • Custom print
  • Custom requests

ALVAboardKRISTAL is premium transparent corrugated plastic sheet, suitable for household or industrial usages. Can be used as roof and fence layers - makes your home looks nice yet still economical.

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